Vineyard Vines for Target

Good morning, lovelies! The last week of school is practically O-V-E-R! Officially. In my district, the kids are able to come to an extra week of “enrichment camps” to take special courses, such as cooking, yoga, or art! This is the last week for speech therapy, though! I have had so much going on for work that I didn’t get a chance to get this post up up until today!  Continue Reading“Vineyard Vines for Target”

Pastels for Any Season: Trend Spin Linkup

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be trying something new with a few bloggers I’ve met over the past few months! We are all talking about wearing pastels for any season on our blog posts today!  Continue Reading“Pastels for Any Season: Trend Spin Linkup”

Distressed Jean Shorts and Spring Updates

Hello everyone! What a week! In case you haven’t been following along with me on instagram, my younger pupperoo, Batman (read more about him and his brother, here) has been sick. He’s had Parvo-like symptoms, which is really scary. Luckily, he ate something last night (CHICKEN & RICE is everything to me right now!) and got to spend some time with his brother! Our little family is feeling a lot better as a whole! Aside from all of the seriousness this week, I had several packages come in, including the distressed jean shorts I’m wearing in this shoot!

I know I left this to a vote between a distressed jean shorts post and a post about general life updates (with shorts winning) but I have so much I want to share with you that I thought I’d give you a little bit of both. Kind of like a “favorites post,” if you will! Let’s get things started!

Leopard Skirt Trend that Everyone is Loving

Good morning, friendlies! I am finally feeling a little better after a long weekend of sniffles and an upset stomach. The weather changing was not good to me, and I was not half as productive as I wanted to be. Oh well, when you’re down and almost out it gives you time to think about things. I did take care of some organizational things over the weekend, and reviewed some previous posts I’ve shared on instagram. Y’all were absolutely obsessed with the leopard skirt trend!

Sephora Spring Bonus Picks (Friday Face Fix)

Good morning, ladies! Don’t you just love a good weekend sale? If you do, you’re lucky because everyone officially has access to the Sephora Spring Bonus Sale! To participate (and receive your discount!) you have to be a beauty insider, which you do by providing your e-mail address in store or online!  Aside from access to the 2 sales Sephora has yearly, you get early access to new products (depending on your status), birthday gifts, AND (this is probably my favorite feature) Sephora will send you reminder e-mails when your make-up products are running low.  For me, it was spot on and I was v impressed.

This sale is so awesome because it gives us an opportunity to try more expensive products at a discounted price. I’m definitely planning on stocking up on my more expensive products and two of my foundations this time around (because OF COURSE they ran out at the same time!) , but I rather do it now than pay full price later.  I have to remind y’all that we have the same skin our entire lives, we have to think about the things we put on it! Sometimes, it’s a good idea to invest in quality products!

While I don’t consider myself a beauty guru, I do consider myself somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to a classic make-up look.  Y’all know I am skincare obsessed, which is why that will play a huge role in this post! You’ll even get to pick the item I splurge on at the very end of the post! Grab some coffee and sit tight because this one’s going to be fun! Continue Reading“Sephora Spring Bonus Picks (Friday Face Fix)”